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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Twisting Children's Futures - GCSE & A Levels

Over the past week we've seen the hands of Michael Gove and David Willetts reach out and twist the fate students who had sat for A Levels and GCSEs. There is a name for this twisting action. It is called 'grade inflation' and along with it goes the deflation of hopes and dreams for young people. It is very neoliberalistic. The Government has manipulated the result indicators to produce top results. It is very artificial. Teachers who followed the set patterns of previous years are now faced with a redesign of the exam system after the game has been played. Never mind the fact that it is human beings who are involved in this whole ugly grade deflation.

It seems as if the Government is trying to phase out education as a public good and only those who go to good private schools can do well. Not only have the Government been elitist and neoliberalistic over GCSE results but also over universities. My sources have revealed to me that red brick universities are under subscribed because the Government will not allow students with lower grades to apply.

Michael Gove gave an interview to the Times on 15 August in which he said, 'The Left saw the pursuit of excellence as narrowly elitist'. How? Very high university fees, grade inflation and not reforming the comprehensive school system will only allow the elite to survive in education. The left was guilty of selling false dreams to youngsters. People were told by Brown and Blair that if a youngster went to university their lives would be better off.

All Three Parties have left the youth down in education. Indicators and using education as a something of a measuring tool will only work if there is a level playing field. There isn't. We are the jilted generation. I turned 13 today and wonder what the future holds for me. 

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