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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Why Couldn't the Tories have given Hague a cake on a platter instead of Bercow's head?

The Tory's attempt to oust the House's Speaker,John Bercow, was an absolute farce in itself but was made worse by the fact that Tory MPs were told by the whips to vote in favour of toppling him as a gift to William Hague for his birthday. Couldn't they have done a whip around instead?

There was no need for Hague to call a surprise vote that would have lead to a secret ballot being held in May on whether to bring in a new speaker in an underhanded way. As a young person I am sick of the way that Parliament and the Democratic process is used by politicians to play tactical games. Every Wednesday PMQ resembles a zoo where the animals are underfed and are constantly baying for blood.

John Bercow has my support because of the reforms he has tried to make to Parliament. He is a person who recognises the failings of the system but constantly is undermined  by macho politicians who prefer to abide by the laws of the jungle. Vince Cable was one of a few Lib Dem MPs who stood up for Bercow by thanking him for providing 'impartial oversight'. I do not understand why the other Lib Dems supported this nonsense, do we really need to stand by the Tories on the last days of Parliament?


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Is Another Demand Side Housing Policy Really Needed?

George Osborne, in the budget, announced the 'Help To Buy' ISA which comes on top of  other 'Help' policies for people wanting to buy homes. This is my conundrum- why does George keep pushing up the demand side for housing when it is well known that a huge uplift in demand side housing leads to a housing bubble that will eventually burst?

There is a huge gap in the supply side of housing, especially affordable housing, but the concentration is on private ownership. Is this a way of keeping Thatcher's neoliberal agenda alive whereby private ownership of property is seen as a way of buying votes, sorry I mean a cornerstone of their neoliberalism ideology? At conference last weekend I spoke about the shortage of affordable housing for young people and after today's announcement I wonder if this is a bubble dream that will be deflated not before long?


Friday, 13 March 2015

'Rent to own' provides help for young people

The policy announcement of 'rent to own' will offer tremendous hope to young people who cannot currently afford to buy a home or sometimes even to rent one. I for one, am extremely proud of this policy which recognises how hard it is for young people to get on the property ladder and provides a solution without burdening young people with having to save up for a deposit. I am putting in a speaker's card at conference to speak about housing and the Lib Dem's success in this area under Vince Cable. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

This 60:40 Lib Dem policy is confusing me

Phew, I thought I was the only one struggling to understand the 60:40 split. I have spent quite a lot of time looking for information. I am not the only one. Liberal Reform are featured in the Guardian and they speak about how members of the Lib Dems have not yet been informed of the economic plans of the party. The only economic policy that has really come to light has been the 60:40 plan where by cuts and taxes are split in the ratio of 60:40. The Lib Dems have always been a party that has pursued the rights of those who are less well off but this new plan sounds as though it will hit the poorest the hardest again. Health services, police services, those on benefits and the disabled have already taken the brunt of the austerity cuts and I believe that it would be unjust for the lib Dems to further this. I worry the most about child poverty especially since many are already living below the breadline.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I enjoy watching Cameron being Defeated at PMQ

 After a really long Wednesday at school there is nothing like coming home, turning on the TV and watching Cameron being picked apart at PMQ and then waffling on to avoid the question in order to cover his tracks. Watch for the best parts at 2:30 and onwards. 
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