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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mitt Romney is Lazy

Mitt Romney may present himself as a man of action given his umpteen expensive fast cars and a jet ski but an element of intellectual policy substance was missing. Then Mitt did a Disney. He waved a magic wand like a fairy godmother and conjured up a plan. Oh, it wasn't one he had made earlier but one that Paul Ryan had made earlier but that is irrelevant. Now Mitt has a plan. 

Perhaps I am getting my Disneys mixed up. Is Mitt being Cinderella instead who can now go to the ball (Republican Convention) because he has his dress (the Ryan budget)?

Either way Mitt was being intellectually lazy by not working up an economic policy and then parachuting in the Ryan plan.   Laziness? Now, that is another Disney movie  - Sleeping Beauty? Dopey the dwarf?

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