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Thursday, 19 July 2012

The suffering of the little children

Isn't it time to rebalance food consumption and production globally?

What is Citizenship- US elections?

I thought citizenship was about moral fabric. Old fashioned ideals like wanting to do the best for your country and being an upstanding citizen of society in that country. The most sought after citizenship in the world has to be the American one. So what is the American dream? In the current political spat between Obama and Romney the currency of being a true American throws a spanner in the works.

It is all about the free market vs small socialism. Obama says that Government must invest in infrastructure and education so that people can become successful. Romney says that (this is the free-market bit) Obama has insulted every entrepreneur and every innovator in America because this is an attack on success. Romney has accused Obama of being un-American and anti corporate.

Does this take Neoliberalism to a new level? The mixing of market forces and citizenship will only result in passports being a definition of the top 1%. I know that we need money to work capitalism but do we need money to work a democracy? If so, the 99% are doomed.

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