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Saturday, 1 September 2012

A Child Says Conventions Need a Crèche

Democrats hold their convention next week and it is creating waves of the wrong sort. The Democrat's convention isn't providing a crèche and every single little person including babies have to be registered. Democrats are well known for being the party that supports women's rights and I find it shocking that a major American party is limiting Women's attendance at their national convention.

Childcare is an issue even for non-feminist women and providing childcare is the entry point for mothers to be able to participate. I should know! I cut my political teeth at a few Lib Dem crèches years ago. If the Lib Dems hadn't provided subsidised childcare my mother couldn't have attended conference. Because of the childcare provided at conference I am where I am now.

Come on Dems! Can you provide childcare? Yes you can!  Just think, one of those children who needs the crèche may be the future President of America and may give the GOP  a thwacking that it deserves. You never know.

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  1. That is quite a thought. I had no idea about all the political debates taking place at the conference crèche :-)


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