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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Not in my lifetime

That's what people said to me.

'The Lib Dems will never be in power in your lifetime, Maelo'.

'Your children may live to see the Lib Dems in power, Maelo.'

'Your party will never win, Maelo.'

Yaddah Yaddah

Well, where are these people now? On this historic day the Lib Dems have made it into power after around 65 years. I am still alive so it's in my lifetime, isn't it?

The downside is that I can't make fun of David Cameron or shout 'Tory Boy' as I did to the Conservative canvassers in my area. POO! Or can I? What are the rules about heckling please?

Monday, 10 May 2010

Libdem Oz

This morning at 7am I was interviewed by an ABC radio star called Sonya Feldhoff for her show 891 Drive. The election fever is running high Down Under. I was asked many questions about the election. I was nervous because i had never been interviewed for a show before. Sonya was very freindly and made the interview fun for me. She asked me why it was taking so long for Nick to decide I said he was taking his time because it is a very important decision. The world is waiting for NIck!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

King maker - but with whom?

When the exit polls came out on Thursday night it looked like it was all over for the Liberals and the predictions of Nick Clegg being the Kingmaker hadn't made a Nostradamus of the media.
My local candidates and the volunteers were around at my house for an election night party. As soon as the exit poll was announced the mood fell. I was shocked by the result and felt worried about our candidates' propspects. As it turned out we were slaughtered.
However, Nick Clegg has turned out to be the kingmaker. Anyone who guessed that was exactly right. He can chose who is in power with him. Before, he had some talks with Cameron but now he has started to talk to Brown as well. Nick and Gordon don't neccesarily get along but people think that the Tories and the Liberals are the biggest clash of parties (or Titans!). So either way there is a dilemma. Nick Clegg really has a huge problem!
The question is how have the Tories changed since Thatcher? Will Cameron implement the politics of the state stepping in where the market fails?

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Lib - Con Cabinet

Here's a wild thought. In the event of a Lib-Con hung Parliament could Peter Mandelson still stay on at the Department for Business? I say this because Peter Mandelson himself in the past has said that he is willing to serve in another Government, he has spoken positively about the Lib Dems and is good freinds with Nick Clegg. More importantly he has the respect of business people.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Happy election

'This is it'- Michael Jackson quote. Today is the day of the election and all preparations come down to today. Our house has been used as a base and it has been great fun. Today I got up at 6 am (yes i know it is the earliest i've got up except from once,i got up at 4am) and leafleted Montem Road with 'Good Morning' leaflets. I would like to thank everybody who has read my blog and I wish you goodluck. You will still be hearing from me after the election.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Labour stole my concept

Today i found out that yet another politician has stolen one of my ideas! Labour have been publishing billboards which are trying to get children to make their parents vote labour. The words I used in my speech at the Spring Conference were: 'Children, get your parents to vote Lib Dem'. How dare Labour do this?? I think i'll be having a word with that Gordon Brown AKA the Prime Minister.
Take those signs down-NOW!

Security guard trick

Today I went to see Nick Clegg speak in Blackheath. When the battle bus arrived everyone was crowding around but Nick Clegg did not step out of it. Instead, he walked from around the corner. Then after Nick had made his speech a security guard said that Nick was getting into the Jaguar so everyone crowded around it but instead he got on the battle bus! I don't blame the guards for doing this because actually I pesonally, as one person, had caused alot of trouble already by stepping on people's toes when they covered my path to Nick. Even then I never quite reached him. So if i did this,as the small innocent child I am,think how much trouble everyone else would be causing.
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