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Monday, 13 August 2012

Will America become the new Greece?

I read Paul Ryan's budget called ' The Path to Prosperity' today and, if I was old enough, I would have had a stiff gin and tonic straight afterwards. What he sets out as conditions for a 'Path to Prosperity' could easily be translated into a 'Path to Poverty'. It is a slash and burn budget that can only be described as widening the gap between rich and poor so much that both groups will only bear a ridiculous resemblance to each other along the lines of martians from Mars being taught by humans on how  to pilot spaceships. 

He has seven categories  in which he sets out his fiscal vision: spending, taxes, defecits, debt, size of Government national security and health security. What is this Republican obsession with defending one's self? Yeah, yeah, I know it's all about the second amendment but should this be done at the expense of people's health and jobs? Paul Ryan states that he will spend $554 billion on national security while bringing the budget deficit below 3% of GDP by 2015.

Is this Greece in the making or worse than Greece? By this I mean that people will lose their jobs by the millions, have no access to state services like social security or health and will go hungry too because he wants to cutback on food stamps. Greece's overspending led to its' financial problems and austerity cutting solutions but their lot does not seem to be getting better. They seem to be suffering more than before. The same solution  applied to a huge country like America would result in millions more suffering. 
Apparently Paul Ryan's ideology of self-reliance came about when at the age of 16 he found his father dead. He then had to work at McDonald's to help the family survive. I am sorry about his loss but similar happened to my father and he didn't turn out to be a gun-wielding number cruncher for the rich. 


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