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Saturday, 14 September 2013

My First Conference Miss Because My Father Did An 'Andrew Marr'

I became a member at the age of 10 and have attended every conference for four years except this one in Glasgow. To say I am hugely disappointed at not being there is an understatement. That aside it is interesting to note that the papers are talking about another coalition and where our party will position itself. I would have thought that the priority of party business at conference would be the latter as a stand-alone issue.

What with a reduced membership and current members being unhappy about what we see as the tactics of following Tory policy I do hope that a clear distinct picture will emerge of who we are in modern politics.
While I disagree with some coalition policies I am still proud to be a Liberal Democrat and strongly believe in liberalism. I am following Twitter and LibDem voice closely and will be watching the Parliament Channel. All the best to everyone who is in Glasgow and keep tweeting and blogging for the rest of us who cannot be there.

P/S My father had a stroke and it is a little difficult to leave home for too long at the moment. He is recovering.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Teather and Gloria De Piero Are Heroines

I had the misfortune today of having an illness that kept me off school. I had the double misfortune of being able to follow PMQ which is that public display of male buffoonery which I find really embarrassing. Some of the monkey antics were aimed at the Labour MP Gloria de Piero. Our own Sarah Teather has come under fire for announcing that she will be stepping down at the next election because she does not agree with Lib Dem policies on welfare and immigration.

Just as the party conferences are coming up and, no doubt, there will be talk again about the lack of female MPs in Parliament we see two female politicians  coming under fire for their convictions. Gloria De Piero was trying to involve members of the public in politics when she tweeted asking for suggestions on what she could ask in the House. Voices of the public are needed in the Westminster bubble but Gloria De Piero was shot down for doing this by masochistic point scoring against Ed Miliband.

My first recollection of Sarah Teather was when she spoke at a fringe event at conference a few years ago and I was struck by her deep conviction for her politics. When I look at some of the comments on Lib Dem voice I think that I have strayed into Tory territory because of the nastiness on display. In fact, the Tories have been nasty about her.  It is obvious that Sarah cares about her constituents and there is no point in the endless questioning of her motive. Sometimes you resign to make a point - Michael Heseltine did it. Lib Dems like her who don't believe in the welfare and immigration policies have not been able to influence Nick Clegg & Co otherwise. She makes a point by resigning. I am sorry to see Sarah Teather go but more importantly will our deluded leadership feel sorry?


Monday, 9 September 2013

An Event on Chelsea Manning

I am hosting an event on Thursday 19th September from 6:30- 8:30pm in the Community Room, Doreen Ramsey Court, The Cut, Waterloo, London, SE1 8LN on 'Has Chelsea Manning Redefined Nationalism and Patriotism?'  The evening will start off with a play put on by Calders Bookshop followed by an open forum discussion. Biscuits and soft drinks will be provided. Children welcome. Disabled access. 
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