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I am 18 years old and I have been actively involved in politics for 8 years.

The primary purpose of my blog is to put forward my views as a young girl in politics which I feel is especially necessary in an age where Brexit, a move largely voted against by young people, and the election of Trump, an open misogynist and sexual abuser, defines western politics.  

I am a liberal democrat and a feminist. I am mixed race (half Asian and half Caucasian) and I am currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Law and King's College London

I have listed below my favourite moments and achievements that came about as a result of this blog. My top moment, without a doubt, was having the privilege of speaking alongside the Rev Jesse Jackson at Occupy London.


BBC Radio 4- 'Is Uni Worth it?' 

In this BBC radio 4 programme entitled 'Is uni worth it?' I discuss the realities and benefits of university weighed against the cost. This is a question I have considered both politically and personally. Ever since the rise in tuition fees this is one of the primary issues facing the Lib Dems and it is important to explore.  The programme follows me and a girl named Destiny through our university choices, applications and A-level results

watch here 

Guardian article - 'Teenagers on loneliness' 

In this Guardian article, I discuss the reasons for the 'epidemic' of teenage loneliness including the dangers of social media sites such as Instagram, race and the failings of parents.

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Festival of Marketing 

Here I spoke on a panel with Khushi Kaur at the annual Festival of marketing and discussed how brands should reach out to young people in an age where advertising and connection has to be instant to be relevant.

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Lib Dem Voice article- what our Lib Dem Leaders are saying about the EU Referendum 

My article i\n the Lib Dem Voice outlining leading Lib Dem figures pro-brexit messages that they expressed at a European Event.

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Featured as a top 5 young blogger 

Listed on Susie Almaneih's personal website about nonprofit organizations as one of 5 'inspiring' young bloggers

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Social Liberal Forum Article

My article on Social Liberal Forum website entitled 'I worry about poorly paid care workers who are parents'.

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Named top 10 blogger by Disney 

Listed as number 7 of top 10 teen and child bloggers in the world by 'Babble'- a site run by 'Disney'.

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Lib Dem Voice article 

My article in Lib Dem Voice entitled 'Was there ever a child who started a war?'

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7 Kid Bloggers around the world 

Listed as one of 7 notable kid bloggers around the world on 'TechTricksWorld' website

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Telegraph article - 'Meet the children blogging about their world'

I was featured in the 'Telegraph' as one of several new blogs run by young people which includes a description of why I began my blog at the age of 10.

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UoB article - 'Malala, The Gender Gap, and Educational Inequality' 

I wrote an article on the University of Birmingham Lib Dem's site regarding the translation of the gender gap from education through to employment.

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Boss article- 'The Children Taking The Blogging World by Storm' 

Listed amongst three child bloggers by the website and the article states that I produce "thought-provoking and heartfelt blog posts on a range of topics"

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'Top 5 Children Bloggers: Meet The Kids Who Make The Difference'

Dora Jelaković wrote this article about young bloggers making an impact and writes a flattering review of my blog claiming, "nothing can’t escape her critical eye and sharp mind."

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Will you follow Maelo’s example and keep your blinds closed as Commons votes on Welfare Uprating Bill?

 The notable and excellent Lib Dem blogger, Caron Lindsay wrote a blog in response to my post in which I slammed the Welfare Uprating Bill and suggested actions to take against George Osborne's classist and inaccurate comments regarding welfare.

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The Sunday Times- 'Meet Britain’s child bloggers'

I was featured in a Sunday Times article about the growing importance of online presence and young people's opinions on these platforms/

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Vigil for Jyoti Singh

This was not an achievement but something I would like to be remembered. I organised a vigil outside the Indian High Commision for Jyoti Singh, the victim of the Dehli bus gang rape in 2012. Her brutal rape and subsequent death shocked people worldwide and she inspired action against sexual assault which is rife in India. I still think about Jyoti regularly and the horror she suffered for almost an hour and she should not be remembered as simply one of many females victims in India. She became known as Nirbhaya, which means fearless in Hindi and she should be remembered as fearless and as a real woman, not merely another statistic.

read more about Jyoti here

Interviewed by John Pienaar

I was interviewed for the radio by John Pienaar in 2012. I am unable to find a link the interview but here is an image from the day.

Interviewed by Huw Edwards for BBC News

I was interviewed alongside Alex White and Matt Downey at the Lib Dem conference in 2012 about the coalition. I don't have a recording but here is an image.

Interview with Huw Edwards, BBC News 24, Sept 2011


Observer magazine- 'Spot the future Prime Minister'

Featured as the youngest of a group of young people who the Observer suggested are contenders to be the future prime minister. The article features supporters of the Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives. When the magazine came out the Lib Dem group, with me in it, was featured on the cover. It was really exciting!

Speech on Gendercide 

I gave my first speech at a Lib Dem Conference in 2010 but this speech on the killing of baby girls in China, also known as gendercide, was, to me, one of my most notable. I don't have a recording of it but it is mentioned on the fantastic Jennie Rigg's blog.

Speaking with Rev Jesse Jackson at Occupy London

As mentioned before, this is the biggest achievement that has come out of this blog and something I will remember forever. I was able to share the stage and speak alongside Rev Jesse Jackson in 2011 at Occupy London. I spoke on issues of poverty and race and was then followed by Rev Jackson. Once again, I don't have a recording but I have included an image of the two of us from BBC News.

Image result for maelo manning jesse jackson

Ranked as top 50 Lib Dem blog

I was ranked as number 30 out of 50 top Lib Dem blogs on the 'Total Politics' website.

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Poems for Palestine 

I was invited by the Calder Bookshop to participate in a poetry event entitled 'Love Letters to Gaza' in which I wrote and performed a poem for the children of Palestine. I appear in the video at exactly 10 minutes in.  My support for Palestine and the Palestinian people is something I am still very passionate about.

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Youngest person to ever speak at a national political conference 

In 2010, at the age of 10, I gave my first speech at a Lib Dem party conference which was about the lack of spaces for young people in urban areas. I received a standing ovation and this was one of the moments that really inspired me to learn more about politics. I was the youngest person to speak at one of these conferences. William Hague famously spoke at 16 but the minimum age for Conservative or Labour conference speakers is 16 whereas the Lib Dems allow all ages! I do not have a recording of the speech but here is an image of me at the podium.

Image result for maelo manning

My first Lib Dem Voice article -  'Opinion: A child’s perspective of the election'

This was my first article for Lib Dem Voice and I outline my view of the 2010 election and why I chose to be a Lib Dem.

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An article in 'The Independent'- The internet comes of age: Meet the tweeny bloggers

An article about the growing phenomenon of 'tweeny' bloggers in which the journalist accurately states that my blog, "dispels the notion that politics is just for grown-ups".

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