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Monday, 10 August 2015

I used a dummy until i was 4 years old and it wasn't a problem

Isn't she a bit old? David and Victoria Beckham's four-year-old daughter Harper was seen walking with her father in West Hollywood on Friday, while holding a dummy in her mouth

The silly season is upon us. What with the Labour leadership campaign, more and more refugees arriving in distress and the closure of kids company the nation has been asked to ponder upon whether Harper Beckham, aged four, should still be using a dummy.

I used a dummy until i was 4.5 and i protested when i was forced to give it up when my school told me i had to. I don't have dental problems as a result of the dummy and i spoke my first word at 3 months, so my speech was unaffected by it.

When you're little a dummy serves as security and it's a way for the child to comfort itself. I had a whole collection of dummies all of different colours. In the morning i would choose which one i wanted for the day.

What right does everybody have to tell the Beckhams how to parent Harper? Why isn't this much passion being used to question the cuts being made that will push children further into poverty? Sometimes i think this nation's priorites are skewed.

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