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Friday, 10 August 2012

I love the Olympics But I Still Hate Sport

The Olympics has been inspirational. Watching people win makes you want to compete for the sake of it just to be able to know what it feels like. Watching Usain run makes me feel that if I had tried harder at nursery I would be up there too. There is no doubt about it. It has been tremendous fun just sitting on the sofa and watching hours and hours of TV knowing all the time that it is for a good cause - supporting Britain. It isn't often that one gets to be a slob while supporting one's country. I normally get told off if I watch too much TV, just to put things in context.

Yesterday I went to the women's basket ball at the Greenwich Arena. It was Australia vs USA (USA won). I play netball at school and hate it but wondered if I would be converted after watching an Olympic ball game.The atmosphere was great. Seeing Wenlock jump up and down was better than hugging the stuffed version at home. There have been so many articles written about how the Olympics have inspired people to do sport. I have noticed a greater number of Boris bikes being used, not by Boris, and a greater number of joggers pounding pavements. BUT, I feel like a charlatan for saying this, I still hate sport at end of the day, any day in fact.


  1. The Boris bikes are really cool, I saw them while in London. I hate sport, but it would have been cool to have seen something. I like watching diving and swimming

  2. I like watching swimming and diving too. I can't even ride a bike but I do like the Boris bikes.

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