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Monday, 6 August 2012

A Sad Day For Coalition Politics

Following Nick Clegg's statement on Lord's Reform, it seems as if the Lib Dem's dream of proving that coalition  politics can work is in tatters. Nick Clegg campaigned on a ticket of coalition politics being the way forward. He wanted to break the monopoly of two party politics and for a time it seemed as if coalition politics was working. Over time coalition politics is starting to reveal cracks. Individual parties are so entrenched in their own ideology that coalitions cannot function properly. Parties have become so position centric with beliefs based on economic and political philosophy. The call of shifting economic situations or the hardship of people due to austerity cuts has little bearing on ideological positions which are mainly shaped by MPs who want to retain their seats at the next election. If true democracy were to be practised in this country it would be based on coalition politics which represent a larger amount of people who voted for those two particular parties. 


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