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Monday, 1 August 2011

Keep away from the far right

In my last blog post I wrote about the far left and how they use violence and force to make their point. Since then the horrible attacks in Norway have occurred because of far right views. We are experiencing  the extreme sides of politics which are trying to dominate the centre ground. The centre ground is the position we must protect because it is the point at which all reasonable views meet to form a fair society. Liberalism is under attack.

The Norwegian young people who died were future leaders with views that promoted the centre ground. I hope Norway does not descend and become a country that rejects liberal views. Already immigrants in Norway have been reporting of attacks against them. I hope this view does not spread to the rest of Europe thus encouraging and supporting the Norweign murderer's actions. 



  1. If it is any reassurance I think the far right are even more unpopular than usual in Norway at the moment. They follow an ideology that is similar to the Nazis and we can see what that leads to.

  2. Dear Left Lib,
    Thank you for that reassurance. The week before the Norway massacre the body of Rudolf Hess was removed for burial elsewhere because his grave had become a shrine for Nazi followers.


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