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Friday, 5 August 2011

ITV 9pm today (Friday)-Violence Against Jane

There's a programme being shown at 9pm tonight called 'Someone's Daughter Someone's Son'  which I ask you to watch because the family of the murdered victim being show in the programme need thousands of signatures to bring their case to Parliament.  As Liberal Democrats this is the sort of issue we care about
Violence against women is something I saw today when I was out with my summer play school. I was at a Central London ice skating rink and I heard an uproar. A couple with a small child were shouting at each other. The man then hit her and ripped the sleeve of her t shirt. His friend held him back. The woman ran off crying.
There was a recent study which showed that violence against women is on the rise, especially violence carried out against teenage girls. On tonight's programme you will also see how society views women, as not really being important enough to protect.


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