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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It may happen in my area tonight.

I don't want to say where I live in case it attracts the looters but my area in London is on high alert. There's 1,000 police officers drafted in. The streets are very, very quiet and it feels eerie. The neighbours and my mother and I have been knocking on doors alerting other neighbours and checking that the vulnerable are aware of what may happen. There are a few elderly people who live here and a newborn baby too.

 I will provide an update later but I am hoping that I will be able to say 'nothing has happened'. Please keep safe everyone.

UPDATE 1:  I have made a roster. Each of the people in my block of flats have an hour shift to watch out for the rioters, if they come. My mother and I are doing the 11-12 am shift. Luckily we are all still safe but we will remain vigilant. I will carry on updating.

UPDATE 2: I have just finished my last patrol of our property with my mother. Glad to say that everything is ok so far. We noticed some youths hanging around for 10 minutes but they have moved on. I haven't actually seen 1,000 police officers but there have been enough of them around to make me feel safe. I am very sleepy and tired. I will update in the morning. Goodnight and thank you for your concern and care.

UPDATE 3:  9:05 am 10th August. Thankfully, there was no trouble in my area last night. The roster system worked well. RIP to those who died overnight protecting their areas. I also pray for those who lost their homes and possessions in the riots.

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  1. Your liberty has been curtailed by the breakdown of law and order. There are some that say this is an issue of left versus right and undoubtedly there are extreme views inflamed by anger at this, however, I believe this is an issue of liberty versus criminality in all its selfish un-glory! The contagion of this lawlessness has happened because the police are seemingly unable to prevent looting and arson, and thus it is seen to pay. We believe in the rule of law - that this is our protection - and now it's the time to back the rule of law, not unblinkered but holistically.


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