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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Has the Westminister Bubble burst yet?

A bubble popping
 I have been scared to surface for the last two two days in case I get infected by the ignorance going around Westminster. You know how easily children pick things up. It is as if nothing else exists apart from the phone hacking. I blogged about this a few days ago. Anyway, I sat through 5 hours of the select committee hearing and the thing I noticed the most was that Rupert Murdoch did not match up to the Shrek like Ogre which people had portrayed him as being. I kept asking my mother whether it really was Rupert Murdoch or if he had sent his own father instead to the hearing.

I was waiting for a killer statement which would justify all this speculation which has been going on for weeks. The select committee were bombarding the Murdochs with questions in order to reach a different conclusion from what we have already heard. The whole word was waiting for something big to come of the select committee hearing and it never really did. The Murdochs apologised and their company's share price went up. I was rather impressed when Murdoch said that it was the most humble day of his life, it was a good move on his part.

I couldn't work out why the MPs were asking a billionaire whether he was aware of payments of £100,000. Murdoch is at the head of a billion dollar empire and only payments in the millions would be brought to his attention. Even me, being a child and all, knew that. I was then half expecting them to ask him about his stationary budget and how many paperclips he had bought in the last month. I don't even know how many fluorescent coloured paperclips i have bought in the last month and I don't need many paperclips at all.

This is not to say that the phone hacking is a minor incident. Questions had to be asked because people's privacy had been invaded. I just question the way the country has focussed on one issue - this one- for weeks.

The foam pie attack was just stupid diversion but it is a worrying example of how the far left always seem to hijack an issue with the use of power and force. There were demonstrators outside Portcullis House carrying banners saying 'Murdoch's Evil Empire. I don't wish to underestimate Murdoch's empire but I do wonder about the use of the word 'evil'. There is no evidence of the Murdoch empire abusing or killing anyone. Evil is what happened in Bosnia and Sri-Lanka. How can the far left be progressive when it didn't demonstrate like this when Labour was infringing civil liberties? The far left has got it wrong. People power isn't about misusing the right to demonstrate and taking attention away from the real problems.

The debate in the house yesterday on the phone hacking scandal constantly surprised me because of how Labour was treating this country as a one issue crisis. Here we are on the brink of a Eurozone disaster and Labour fails to see that the economic crisis is really serious. Labour is being far too opportunistic instead of working on the real issuses. I am glad the bubble is finally starting to burst but I feel we are in slow motion . We must speed things up as babies are dying in Africa, that is where my real concern lies.



  1. haha, an excellent, humoured and very liberal-minded post!

  2. Dear John,
    Thank you very much.
    I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for telling me about 'Westminster Bubble'.


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