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Friday, 3 June 2011

Syrian 'Children's Friday'

About 30 children have to date been killed in Syria during the demonstrations. The most memorable death is of the 13 year old boy called Hamza Al-Khatib who was tortured to death by the police. Today has been named as 'Children's Friday' by the Syrian Revolution Facebook page group who are dismayed by the torture of children. Unicef says that most of the 30 children killed were shot by security forces.

In the previous uprisings like in Tunisia there has always been a death of one person  that has united the freedom seekers and I think  this 13 year old boy has become a focal point for Syria. It is a disgraceful situation that the government of Syria has allowed the torture and killing of children in clamping down on demonstrations. The Syrian government must now make  a pathway to peace and start talking with the demonstrators. Enough of this unjustifiable  violence and killing,

Please remember Hamza and others like him acrosss the world who are caught up in wars made by power crazy governments.

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