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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Best of Tweets and Quotes on today's demonstrations

  1. 14,000 UK border agency staff have walked out yet majority of flights are still on time and those flights that are delayed are only 45 minutes late? If the flights can still operate on time without the 14,000 UK border staff then why not get rid of them and save the state some money and pay off some of the national debt?
  2.  A crowd gathers outside the Department for Work and Pensions head office in Tothill Street, Westminster to chant "DWP - pension thief".

  3.  Department for Education says of state schools in England, 26% are closed (4,640 schools), 22% are partially open (3,888) and 23% (4,115) are fully open.
  4.   When the time comes, I will also take strike action for the right to retire. Who wants to be treated by a 67-year old theatre nurse? I've been paying into my pension for over 30 years, and I pay taxes too.
  5. Aound 90% of the Met Police's civilian workers who are in the PCS union are taking part in the strike. This means police officers have been drafted in to staff the force's call centres - and that is having "some impact on times taken to answer emergency calls", says the Met. Average times to answer 999 calls was up to 15 seconds - five seconds longer than the normal target.
  7.  The fire alarm at Heathrow was set off in Boots at 1130 BST, resulting in Terminal 3 being evacuated for 20 minutes. Not known if deliberate or accidental.
  8.  "I'm a sports teacher. Can you imagine me teaching hockey at 68 in my wheelchair? It's simply not feasible." South Manchester teacher at Manchester march.
  9.  "Hi ho hi ho, we work all day and see no pay".
  10. The government seems intent to push the idea that taxpayers should not have to pay for public servants pensions. Aren't public servants taxpayers too?
  11.  The biggest outbreak of industrial unrest since the coalition was formed.


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