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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Maelo Manning Interview

Another child blogger got in touch with me and requested an interview. Her name is Alisa and she has a great blog at Youths Do More.

What got you into politics?

When I was 2 years old I used to watch the news with my mum. Pictures of wars would make me angry and I used to jump on the sofa and shout, ‘It’s enough people’. I used to love watching the BBC News and still do. When I was 10 years old I joined the Lib Dems because I believe in their principles of fairness, equality and community. Politics affects all our lives in everyway even with children eg education.

Why does everyone love your blog instead of Harvard professor’s blogs?

It would be great if everyone loved my blog but I am very grateful for the followers that I have. I get repeat comments from well known bloggers who encourage me a lot. In this country people talk about policies that affect children like social mobility but nobody high up really asks children what they think. Not even me who blogs about politics but I carry on making my views known. I would love to talk to British politicians. Grant Shapps, Conservative MP, spoke to me about housing policy last year at the LibDem conference. A very nice man. I met a British politician recently who treated me as if I was a nuisance child (not naming this Lib Dem person). That’s typical of the way children are treated. Harvard! I would love to go there someday. Wow! I don’t think I can compete with Greg Mankiw’s blog yet.

Give us three of the best blog tips-not just for political blogs!
a. Make the blog attractive so people will want to look at it.

b. Use a variety of views – humour, serious opinion and fact.

c. Be topical and current. People don’t care about what happened years ago unless it is related to something current.

Do you want to be a political blogger all your life or is this just a stepping stone to becoming the Lib Dem leader?
It would be a huge privilege to lead the Lib Dems one day but, for now, my ambitions are to carry on being a political child blogger and doing well in school. My blog is not for political self-promotion purposes but is for making my voice heard especially to help women and children. I am a child feminist and am particularly worried about the poverty that women and children suffer in lower economically developed countries (LEDCs).

What’s your message to all the talented youths out there?
Talented youth excite me. It worries me how celebrity culture really dominates children’s lives nowadays. I wish more girls, especially, would aspire to become successful business women, MPs etc. I would love to lead a campaign to help change the way girls view themselves – brains instead of using their bodies.

You’ve been to a fair few political events. What’s been your favourite?
I go to every Lib Dem conference and many political events hosted by other groups such as Compass. My favourite inspirational moment is when I met Phillip Blond, Director of the think tank called ResPublica, who wrote ‘Red Tory’. He encourages me to aspire to great things and is a wonderful man and role model.


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