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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Relationships with the American Presidents

I am so excited that President Barack Obama is in London as I write this post. Central London is so vibrant with cheering crowds urging him on as his motorcade drives by. There is a constant buzz of a helicopter hovering over the area where I live which is in central London.

I have been looking back to when I was 4 years old. George Bush came to London and my mother and I went to see him. I was still in a buggy and I held a placard with a very badly drawn poster which I did myself saying 'Bush Out'. This was about the war which America had started against Iraq. Unfortunately, George Bush did not see my poster as his 'Beast' limousine car drove by because I was very little. I used to stand on the sofa whenever Bush was on TV and yell 'Bush Out'. 

During the last presidential elections I supported Hillary Clinton's nomination  and was disappointed when she lost. I admire the way she has done motherhood and being a high flying career feminist woman.

When Obama came to London in 2009 I was standing outside Buckingham Palace waiting to see him. When his motorcade came by I caught a glimpse of him and Michelle Obama. It was an uplifting experience because he was the first Black president who had just been elected. The buzz and the excitement of the crowd was just amazing. People were cheering and clapping. It made me realise that I too could try and aspire to great things in life. Michelle Obama went to Oxford University today and demonstrated what a progressive woman she is. She encouraged some girls who come from ordinary backgrounds to aspire to go to Oxford.

Going back to that day when I first saw Bush, my mother and I went and had a hot chocolate afterwards. I was really tired out but excited. Aaaah memories!


  1. I think they would be enriched to meet you too!

  2. Dear John,
    I am very touched by your comment. Thank you.


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