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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

No Scots in my home but plenty of infighting

My home is split into two camps. Both camps come from countries that were declared independent by the British Empire. One side is absolutely adamant that independence is the only answer to self determination. The other camp thinks independence is a bad idea because of the loss of the monarchy, Union Jack, English tea and scones.

Let me at this point tell you that the link between Scotland and people in my home is as far apart as Ben Nevis from Big Ben. The connection is as follows: two uncles studied medicine in Scotland a decade ago and my aunty is married to a Scot who is not eligible to vote. No one even owns a Scottie dog. But the fighting, that's a whole other story. It began weeks ago. When i say 'fighting', I mean wild gesticulating, fights for the remote control to turn to the channel that is broadcasting the most news on the referendum and one very irritated teenager (me). Plans have been made for an all night viewing of the results. The picture above will give you an idea. I hope you don't hear the noise that will come from this melee when the votes are announced.

Is this a national phenomenon? Is your home under siege from the no-sayers trying to knock out the yes enthusiasts even though no one actually has a vote? This is worse than the notorious family Christmas  meltdown when Aunty Doris wants to watch the Queen's speech and Uncle Jack wants to eat his Turkey and tell the same old jokes that he tells every year.

On a serious note, I am absolutely thrilled to see such a large number of young people engaging in this referendum. Witnessing their sheer depth of knowledge on the politics that affect their lives has been tremendously impressive. Scottish teenagers have shown the world that teenagers do care about politics.
Scottish teenagers, I envy your right to vote. I have been blogging about politics since the age of 10 and I still won't be able to vote at the next election. People underestimate the interest and intellect of young people when it comes to politics and now this has been disproved with the referendum.

Scottish Teenagers, this opportunity will not come again for a long time. Exercise your vote. 



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