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Sunday, 7 October 2012

It Takes a Village- A Tribute to April Jones

Sometimes you can sit within the safety of your home and watch something on TV that shakes you to the core. So it was with me today as it must have been with so many of  you who watched the procession take place to the church in the village of Machynlleth in tribute to April Jones. The saying 'It takes a village to raise a child' had never seemed more relevant. 

The phrase 'It takes a village to raise a child' means that everybody comes together to nourish and care for a child in the village. It means looking out for their well being and their safety. It's so obvious that Machynlleth was just that sort of village but they were let down by one evil person.  As a result a poor innocent little girl was betrayed by somebody  that she knew and thought was part of the village. The whole village came together today not to raise her but to pray for her. 'It takes a village to raise a child' was taken to a level of utter sadness and despair. 

 When April was taken people in the village and in the rest of the country waited and prayed. There were tweets from people who would wake up early hoping for good news. For my part I am so sorry about the things that April will never get to see and do. She won't get to see another Christmas, learn double digit times tables to silly tunes, do show and tells at school, draw pictures of her family and friends in bright garish colours or play with her latest Barbies. 

Her parents and the villagers of Machynlleth need to know that all our thoughts and all our wishes were with them from day 1. A child's world is a morally poorer place for the abduction of April Jones. I post a pink ribbon as a tribute. 

Rest mewn heddwch angel hardd bach - Rest in peace beautiful little angel. 


  1. Just re-blogged this. You are right. It's terrible.

  2. It's terrible that not only a man (or woman) could do such a thing to anyone (particularly a child), but for that person to turn out to be someone they seemingly trusted is horrific.

    Tremendously written, if I might add.

  3. Dear Charli,
    Thank you.. I just don't understand how somebody could do this to a poor little girl.

  4. Dear Opinionated Duck,
    Thank you for your comment I totally agree with you. I really enjoyed reading your blog :).


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