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Friday, 21 September 2012

As The Troops Gather in Brighton

Wow! Has there been a bigger heralding of conference time than an apology from the leader of the party to the nation? 'Sorry' is going to be the dominant word of this conference. I think it is fair to say that this conference will be a fractious one but perhaps it is time to have that difficult talk.

The recent conferences that we have had since May 2010 have been far too complacent. We listened to Nick telling us that there was no other choice but to go into coalition with the Tories ( I still think that this is correct) and then we patted ourselves on the back for being martyrs to the cause of austerity cuts. Somewhere along the way we lost our identity but kept justifying our actions and Nick's actions. The cuts aren't working, borrowing is going up and there are no jobs.  Membership is down.

My hope as a youth member is that this conference will see frank debate which will help us re-establish our identities and sense of direction. A sort of back to basics 5 days is what I am hoping for.


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