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Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Remploy Ploy - Part 2

I previously blogged in Part 1 about how manufacturing is on the Government's agenda but Remploy's work in manufacturing does not seem to have made an impact. This is a mystery to me.

A campaign called 'Make It In Great Britain'  which is assisted by the Government is 'aiming to transform the image of modern British manufacturing and to raise awareness of its importance for the economy'  and is scheduled to stage an exhibition during the Olympics and PARALYMPICS. Why is Remploy, where manufacturing is done by disabled people, being closed down then?

The Welsh government seems to recognise this point because the Education Minister, Leighton Andrews, wants to consider developing a social enterprise issue for Remploy. Seven Welsh Remploy factories are due to close and 272 disabled people will be laid off. Maria Miller, the UK Minister for disability, said that by closing down Remploy the government can help more of the thousands of disabled people in Wales who do not get support at the moment and who would benefit from doing so. What sort of logic is this? So Maria Miller wants to make a few employed disabled people unemployed so they can join the other unemployed disabled people who will have to live off reduced welfare benefits.

The 'Greater Good' argument does not apply to the rich does it? It only applies to those lower down. Redistribution is a poor man's game. The rich accumulate.


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  1. Perhaps one for the Bureau to investigate how Remploy was run, and run down? To discuss a potential story, you can get touch by emailing


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