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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

£20 for the Tory Party

How much does our Lib Dem membership cost a  year? £20 and less for young people like me. DO you know how much the Tory party charges for membership? They do it on a sliding scale. It starts at £50,000 annual membership which will give a member direct access to Cameron at parties and lunches. The lowest charge is £50 a month (£600 a year) and it only gives a member the privillege of campaigning in marginal seats as a party patron.

Even if I wanted too, which I don't, I couldn't afford to be a Tory supporter. I then  thought about what i could offer the Tories. I have a shredder which I pestered my Mum to get me for Christmas. It hasn't come in much use apart from accidentaly shredding my Mum's bills. If I give the Tories £20 can i do their shredding for them? This would be the modern day equivalent of sending the child up the chimney.

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