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Monday, 18 July 2011

A Death, resignations and what next?

News is just coming through that the journalist, Sean Hoare, who first broke the story about phone hacking has been found dead in his home. The resignations are piling up. What will tomorrow bring? I fear worse will come. I fear that a witchhunt is escalating. Everybody who can gain from this situation is jumping at the chance to do so.

In attacking Murdoch's vested interest the attacking parties have their own vested interests. Firstly, Ed Milliband sees this as his chance to show leadership by criticising Cameron. Yet, Labour were in power for 14 years and were in power when the hacking stories first occured. They didn't do anything. At least the Government now are going to deal with the hacking.

Secondly, Gordon Brown in his speech last week could be seen to be punishing News International for publishing details about his son's medical situation; and also for the Sun supporting the Conservative government last year during the election.

Thirdly, the other newspapers stand to gain if News International stops publishing. Already, there is a price war among the Sunday tabloids who want to fill the gap left by NOTW.

It is as if there are no other issues happening in the world. The eurozone debt situation is getting worse. The fighting in Libya goes on. America is renegotiating the debt problem. I know the phone hacking situation is serious but I do think it is being forgotten that there are other issues around the world that could affect us in much more serious ways.

Do you think most people in this country care about the phone scandal? Please answer this question, has your life been turned upside down by the phone hacking revelations? Has your quality of life gone down as a result? Most people care about their jobs, the cuts and their future. Also, I fear that people are forgetting that there are true human beings behind these scandals. Instead, they are being treated like hunted animals. Rebekah Brooks and others are being treated in a way that no other murderer or child abuser has been treated by so many for this length of time.
All I am saying is that this news is escalating out of control.


  1. It's that Westminster bubble again! Yes, people are shocked about phone hacking of victims of crime and such but we're talking about it because as far as the TV news and newspapers are concerned - it's the only show in town.

    But this is just one of the many things going on and others will potentially have far more effect upon us: the Euro Zone and US debt crises. And stories which are more disturbing like East Africa, Libya and Afghanistan/Pakistan.

    Seems like we are still pretty much told what to think about! News is still more of a seller's market than a buyers one!

  2. Dear John,
    I hadn't heard the phrase 'Westminster Bubble' before. Thank you. I had heard of 'Westminster Village' only. I hope the newspapers stop focussing on this issue only.


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