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Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Mother's Day Thought

Below is a prayer for all mothers everywhere. I chose this because it covers mothers in all situations. If you aren't a Christian and you are reading this then please stop and just think about mothers everywhere today. What is said in this prayer can also be a wish from people who don't believe in God.

A Mother's Day Prayer

God our Creator, we pray:

for new mothers, coming to terms with new responsibility;

for expectant mothers, wondering and waiting;

for those who are tired, stressed or depressed;

for those who struggle to balance the tasks of work and family;

for those who are unable to feed their children due to poverty;

for those whose children have physical, mental or emotional disabilities;

for those who have children they do not want;

for those who raise children on their own;

for those who have lost a child;

for those who care for the children of others;

for those whose children have left home;

and for those whose desire to be a mother has not been fulfilled.

Bless all mothers, that their love may be deep and tender,

and that they may lead their children to know and do what is good,

living not for themselves alone, but for God and for others.




  1. I reckon your Mum knows you love her everyday!

  2. Dear John,
    Thankyou. I do try and make my mother feel loved. Mothers are a really important aspect in people's lives. They raise the next generation.


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