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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter Theme of Crime and Punishment

Good Friday and the crucifixion of Jesus in modern day would be a debate about crime and punishment. Jesus was punished for something he did not do and was nailed to the cross to remove him from society so that he would not be a threat to other people. Now we have people who are imprisoned to remove them from society but most of them have actually done something criminal. Our prisons are overcrowded and many young people are being put away for what is said to be too long a period.

This was the debate at the Spring Conference this year at which I spoke. The debate was about the age at which children recognise the difference between right and wrong. As a child I see children at the age of 11 and upwards who would definitely recognise that what they are doing is wrong and the consequences of it.

I introduce who killed someone at the age of 14, more than 30 years ago, and is still in prison. Do read his blog as he reveals the inside life and thoughts of a prisoner. Ben is the only prisoner who blogs in the UK. He comes across as being intelligent, ambitious and compassionate. His life could have been used more constructively if he had been allowed back into society much earlier. He is a living example of how some children may lose out from being imprisoned for too long. But Ben has shown remorse for what he did. What about children who don't care who they have hurt? The problem of child criminals is growing. I see it all the time.

This Easter please think about people like Ben and the big problem to society of crime and punishment. Just like Christmas isn't only about opening presents, Easter isn't just about chocolate eggs.


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