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Friday, 25 March 2011

Anything in the Budget to Improve a Child's Lot?

When George Osborne said ‘a society should not just be judged by the strength of its economy', I looked to see whether children had been helped by the budget. Children are often overlooked when it comes to political distribution.

I hope that the lifting of the tax threshold to £8,105 will help those people who have to make difficult financial decisions in their lives such as heating the house or feeding their child. There are families who can't afford a holiday or even a day out and I hope this will make a difference to their lives.

The Junior ISA which is being looked at as a replacement for the Child Trust Fund will be a way for parents to save £1,200 tax free every year till the child turns 18. More excitingly, the Government is working with organisations that work with children to see how this can benefit children who are in care. These are vulnerable children who miss out on the benefits that children from happy homes have and, therefore, deserve more care and attention.

£100 million will be used to promote Science in Britain. This is much needed investment because Britain is behind in new inventions and is having to compete against countries such as India who invest heavily in Science. Government should recognise that the importance of Science needs to be drilled into children's minds at school level.

I think it was a good Budget but to balance the economy we need something like the Big Society to fill in the gaps where money cannot be squeezed into. Then we will have a balanced society.

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