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Thursday, 23 September 2010

There was an Elephant at Conference

1. I am a child, I cannot be metaphorical and  I am being literal. There really was an elephant at conference.
The elephant made an appearance at the Blogger Award Ceremony. He won the best blog of the year and was exuberant about it.  His blog is called I was delighted to be nominated for best new Lib Dem blog. I have  only been blogging for 6 months and am only 11. I was delighted to even be nominated. I finally met Maureen Rigg who wrote about me on her blog after I gave my first speech at Spring conference- I also met Stephen Tall whom I admire.

2.The Tory party were called 'The Party of Climate Change Deniers' but they have not lived up to that name  and I am angry because I was looking forward to saying we are ' Greener than Thou'. Nuclear energy is to be part of the UK's energy mix. I think that it is more important to fight the battle of reducing emissions than arguing over how to fight it.

3. What is Liberalism? Sarah Teather called lines 16 and 17 of the Academies policy paper Illiberal. Was it Liberal to be voting  on policy when the decision has already been made? Back to the Orange book for moi.

4. Fringe meetings- the one that I enjoyed most was held by Shelter. Grant Shapps MP (Tory) suggested that I join his party when I asked a question about the state of future housing policy.

5.  Simon Hughes in his speech told the Miliband brothers to 'grow up'. This was bad advice because the Miliband brothers appeal to middle class voters. 'You don't hear the bullet that kills you'-seen on man's t-shirt at Liverpool Station.

6. How can cuts be fair in an age of austerity?  If you are in an age of austerity than you have to make cuts which are unfair. Hurrah to Bob Russell MP for pointing this out.

7. I gave a speech on the Economic and Social effects of Gendercide at the debate on ' Accountablity to the Poor'. Thankyou to the people who congrtulated me afterwards.

8. Footwear- the high heels, the polished shoes. Where were the sandals? Are we too posh now that we are in Govt?

9. Big Society is Liberalism. I did suspect this during the election but I would have been shouted at. I apologise to the Tory boy I heckled during the election about the Big Society being 'my ar**'.

10. Goodies from the stall- I am thankful for being a child because I was given 25 bars of credit crunch chocolate. I have eaten 5 in 3 days. I also collected bags, sweets, pens, pencils, plasters and placemats.


  1. I admired your shoes when you did the speech on Gendercide; I myself was wearing sandals that day (black ones with cherries on)

  2. Austerity doesn't have to mean targeting the weakest members of society, but it does seem to be going that way. Again.

    I want to work, yet am not physically or mentally fit to hold down a job in an economy where I'd be competing with people in far better health than I am. I have been disabled by chronic illness, almost untreatable, since I was not much older than you are. Having to go through the DLA process again and again, focusing on all the things I have lost and cannot do at the age of 24, makes me nothing short of suicidal, every time.

    That the coalition are presenting DLA to the media as "an out-of-work benefit" when it isn't at all, in governmental guidelines, and thus increasing the social stigma on those of us forced to rely on it and them for help? Does not fill me with confidence about their goals - and I'm a party member, too.

  3. Dear Jennie,
    I agree with you that the Top Trumps is crap especially because Zac Goldsmith has been rated a 100. I can find a 100 faults with him. Why is he featured in a meadow? Thank you for your kind comments about me. How exciting that you had sandals on with cherries on them. Did your toes get wet from the rain?
    I love your blog but had problems posting this comment on it.

  4. Dear Trialia,
    I am so sorry to read about your predicament. I had never heard of DLA so I looked it up on the web. I am upset to hear that you have to fill in the same thing again and again.I am angry that the Goverment are making out that the DLA is "an out-of-work benefit".If you could give me more information about this i will blog about it and raise the awareness.
    Maelo Manning


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