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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cardinal Newman = Religion + Politics

Cardinal Newman wrote an essay called 'An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent'. His essay is divided in to two sections.
1. Can I believe in what I don't understand?
2. Can I believe what can not be proved?
Yes, you can believe in what can not be proven because people invest their beliefs in God even though he can not be proven to exist.
I am an Anglican and I agree with Cardinal Newman on point 1.I don't understand all of the Bible but I still believe in Christianity. On point 2 my faith in God can not be scientifically measured but it is something that makes me feel strong and loved. Scientific standards cannot be applied to real life.
People say that religion and politics don't go together but you have to apply some faith to politics as well sometimes. The coalition cuts are complicated and at the moment people can not see the point in the cuts. I  have decided to use Cardinal Newman's reasoning on my way of looking at life and have decided to believe that the cuts being made by the Coalition will turn out well, just as I believe that God exists.

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