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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Stop Haranguing Hague!

Mr William Hague

Since my speech at the Spring Conference 2010 I have been compared to William Hague quite a few times. As a result, I have started to pay more attention to him and I've come to really like him. I was curious as to why he had no children. I am nosey about these things the way adults are nosey about what their friends are up to. I assumed that Hague and his wife were a high flying couple people who had no time for children. I'm sad to read that this is not the case and, in fact, is quite the opposite reason. Politicians have a right to private lives. Should we be concerned as to whether he is gay or not or what his marriage is like? If the press continue to pester the politicians then it will stop talented people from coming into politics because they will be afraid of being exposed and criticised for things that don’t concern the public.


  1. But you look nothing like him!! However, like him, you have a certain personal maturity and presence of mind to make a conference speech at a tender young age. It is a shame, isn't it, how the media shovels gossip, rumour and innuendo in preference to boring news! But I guess they wouldn't if there wasn't an audience for it; albeit a dwindling one by all accounts. I do wonder if some of the more right-wing media are trying to get at him for his positive role in building the bridges for coalition.

  2. Unfortunately, I am starting to lose a few strands of hair! Thankyou for your kind comment. I am honoured that you read my blog. I agree that the press do try to make gossip just to increase their readership. I wonder if some of the right wing supporters are behind this story.

  3. There is the answer. "I am nosey about these things the way adults are nosey about what their friends are up to." People are nosey, and that is why the press dig for answers to these kinds of questions, which is, in the end, an invasion of privacy.

    If less people cared about things like why Hague doesnt have children, his sexuality wouldnt be newsworthy at all.

  4. Dear Druid,
    Yes, I was nosey but I never would have dug around looking for a controversial story the way the papers have done. Whether Hague has children or not is not a public interest issue.
    Thank you and do visit my blog again to challenge me.

  5. Absolutely, I wasnt really accusing you of hypocrisy or anything, I am just saying the press is responding to this general nosiness that people out there feel. Many people, people who wouldnt wish ill on anybody specifically, but who do read with some interest stories about peoples' private lives. The fact is, people will continue to buy NOTW type papers because they are interested in the scandal contained therein, even if they disapprove of the methods used to obtain those stories. The only way to change the way the press behaves is to change the way the news-consuming public behaves. But I dont see that happening.

    I will certainly stop by your blog again, I am very impressed, keep it up.

  6. Dear Druid,
    You are right. People should stop buying papers with these scandal stories. My family make it a point not to buy a magazine or paper which has a scandal story in it that isn't in the public interest to read.
    Thank you.


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