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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Why young people should register to vote in the EU referendum

The 7th of June is the deadline to register to vote in the EU referendum. Whilst I urge everyone to take an active interest in the decision I think that it is of particular importance for young people to fully participate and vote in the referendum.

Younger age groups have a reputation for being disinterested in politics. The voter turnout is very low at 51.8% for under 25s in 2010 compared to 74.7% for over 65s. In my experience young people are not uninformed or disinterested in politics but rather disillusioned. We are put off by the Westminster bubble. Valid as these reasons are none of this applicable to the EU referendum.

Whilst I completely understand the reluctance of young people to endorse a political party in the general election this vote is about the future of Britain. It is not about the allure or credibility of individual parties or politicians. The consequences of this vote are just too large to be ignored and the consequences will determine our future job market, economy, migration patterns etc.

I am, however, extremely pleased to see so many young people actively debating the EU referendum through organisations such as'Bite the Ballot', I just hope that this will translate into votes that will actually make an impact on Britain's future.

I urge you to register to vote by 7 June midnight. In my opinion, the most beneficial outcome for the UK would be an 'in vote'.Whilst I place primary importance of young people voting in this referendum I do believe that it is in our best interest to vote stay and I encourage young people to strongly consider the arguments put forward by the stay campaign especially in regards to their own future as well as the future of Britain.



  1. I think that trump is a great president! What do you think id like to hear your views because so far you sound a it conservative but in your bio you say your liberal. HMM

  2. Wait so your a liberal? I thought that your love of trump kind of sounded conservative. Hmmmm thats funny


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