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Thursday, 23 June 2016

A leave vote would be selfish and doesn't consider young people like me

I can't vote in the EU referendum because of my age but I have been hugely affected by this whole campaign and desperately urge voters to choose to stay in the EU today. I constantly hear arguments from the out campaign who speak about the referendum in terms of how it would affect their children but I  feel that only the in campaign truly assesses the ramifications of an out vote on future generations. As a member of this group of 'children' and 'the future generation' I am furious that I cannot directly be involved in the outcome of the referendum and even more angry when I hear the argument that my generation would be better off out of the EU when this would close so many doors for us politically, socially and economically.

One of the main ideas that I hear being parroted again and again by the out campaign is that the EU threatens British sovereignty and pride and that future generations could make Britain a 'great' and independent power . This is a warped idea of sovereignty which fails to recognize that Britain's sovereignty is only enhanced by the EU as our economy and diplomatic international ties are strengthened. Isolation and the threat of losing 3 million jobs which are tied to the EU are a bigger threat to our sovereignty than being involved with an organisation that benefits us and allows to act on an international stage.

I also find this whole notion too reminiscent of Donald Trump's 'make America great again campaign' and I fear that voters have been too easily seduced by this seemingly easy idea of greatness and British pride rather than assessing the full benefits that the EU brings for us.

Leaving the EU would lead to a fall in migration and whilst I think that this in itself would be a mistake I am also concerned about the affect that this would have on the attitudes of those in the UK towards existing migrants. My mother is from Asia and she already experiences a fair amount of stigma and hateful racist comments which she says increases during the 2015 general election when UKIP experienced a rise in popularity. UKIP's heavy involvement in the leave campaign frightens me and I have become particularly concerned since Nigel Farage's recent poster came out.

 Leaving the EU would decrease racial tolerance and after seeing how easily racist attitudes are adopted in this country because of political parties and figures, such as UKIP, I am certain that leaving the EU would be a backwards step for our country and would be harmful for migrants who already live here as well as potential ones. This can already been seen to be taking shape with more and more people taking the view that migrants are stealing British jobs and harming our economy without recognising the need for different skill sets in different sectors. Because of our links with the EU and the subsequent migration British families are £38 a week, on average, better off. The whole picture concerning migration and racial attitudes needs to be taken into account when considering a leave vote today and deciding against the EU would be selfish, not only as it would harm the future generation, but also existing and potential migrants.

I am hugely worried about the results of the referendum and can only hope that the UK makes the right decision to stay in the EU. If we were to benefit from leaving the EU, which I find highly unlikely from looking at the solid and confirmed facts, we could only know this in the distant future and leaving would still put too many people's jobs and income at risk. Our current situation in the EU is certain and brings a multitude of benefits for the UK.

The leave campaign has evoked a warped concept of British sovereignty, pride and greatness which will leave us an insular and backwards country who will also lose out economically as a result of an out vote. Risking the future of my generation in this referendum is wholly selfish and I strongly urge you to take this into consideration when visiting the ballot box today.


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