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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Why Couldn't the Tories have given Hague a cake on a platter instead of Bercow's head?

The Tory's attempt to oust the House's Speaker,John Bercow, was an absolute farce in itself but was made worse by the fact that Tory MPs were told by the whips to vote in favour of toppling him as a gift to William Hague for his birthday. Couldn't they have done a whip around instead?

There was no need for Hague to call a surprise vote that would have lead to a secret ballot being held in May on whether to bring in a new speaker in an underhanded way. As a young person I am sick of the way that Parliament and the Democratic process is used by politicians to play tactical games. Every Wednesday PMQ resembles a zoo where the animals are underfed and are constantly baying for blood.

John Bercow has my support because of the reforms he has tried to make to Parliament. He is a person who recognises the failings of the system but constantly is undermined  by macho politicians who prefer to abide by the laws of the jungle. Vince Cable was one of a few Lib Dem MPs who stood up for Bercow by thanking him for providing 'impartial oversight'. I do not understand why the other Lib Dems supported this nonsense, do we really need to stand by the Tories on the last days of Parliament?


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