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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Is Another Demand Side Housing Policy Really Needed?

George Osborne, in the budget, announced the 'Help To Buy' ISA which comes on top of  other 'Help' policies for people wanting to buy homes. This is my conundrum- why does George keep pushing up the demand side for housing when it is well known that a huge uplift in demand side housing leads to a housing bubble that will eventually burst?

There is a huge gap in the supply side of housing, especially affordable housing, but the concentration is on private ownership. Is this a way of keeping Thatcher's neoliberal agenda alive whereby private ownership of property is seen as a way of buying votes, sorry I mean a cornerstone of their neoliberalism ideology? At conference last weekend I spoke about the shortage of affordable housing for young people and after today's announcement I wonder if this is a bubble dream that will be deflated not before long?


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