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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Does Capitalism have Limits on Cheap clothing?

A rising death toll, exploited workers and a lucrative garment industry. What are the limits of capitalism? How many more lives will have to be taken before workers are not treated as machines who need barely any food, money or sleep to survive on? 

As a teenager I know many people, including myself, who shop at 'Primark'. The reality of global capitalism was brought home to me, literally, when I realised that my shopping could have impacted on the mistreatment of a worker in Bangladesh. When workers are forced to produce a certain amount of clothing for a company   it is in our hands as to whether we buy the garment, and subsequently support the exploitation of the worker, or we could boycott the shop because consumers have power to set trends in the market. The deregulation of these factories has lead to a huge market of exploitation which is inescapable because it runs through all of the 'trendy' clothing stores which most consumers will continue to buy from no matter how unethical it is. 

Global regulation is essential to ensure that factories are not Dickensian. Globalization cannot just be about moving money around the world in search of a tax haven. 

I dedicate this post to the workers who died in Dhaka. 


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