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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Do The Tories Hate Children?

First they went after the unemployed, then they came for the disabled and now they are after the children. Recently they have really been gunning for children. There is a growing pool of vulnerable people that the Tories target because the groups are not able to be participants in the Tory ideology of the 'Free Market'.

The Tories want everybody to be divided into groups of 'productive' and 'unproductive' free marketeers. The weak and unable are left behind in the scrum for the spoils of the free market. Just look at what the Tories have said in recent weeks.

Two Tory ministers who promised to turn up at a meeting with parents of disabled children hardly made any attempt to contribute or understand the plight of the children. According to the Children's Society 4 in 10 of all disabled children live in poverty and the cuts will push these children into further deprivation. 

It is so obvious that the reason the ratio is being raised is to get parents into work and lower the costs of childcare by cutting down on the amount of childcare workers needed. The safety and well being of children is being compromised for an ideology. I really hope that Nick stares them down on this. 

Children in nurseries are not workers in training for a capitalist conveyor belt. Children are in nurseries to run around and be children in a safe environment. There is a difference between being unruly and lively. What would appear as unruly to the Tories is actually children developing and learning by playing and having fun. What would the Tories prefer? My guess is that they want British childhood to resemble a Chinese one- 23 hours of study and 1 hour of sleep. My guess is based on the constant comparisons that  Michael Gove makes with the Asian system of education. Out of all the children that I know my upbringing most closely resembles an Asian upbringing. I could write 10 words at the age of 3 and, believe me, I was 'unruly' the whole time. If it is passive obedience that the Tories are after then the British childhood way of natural inquiry will be a lost treasure. 


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