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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Statement on the vote for welfare benefits up-rating bill,

08 January 2013

'This bill will punish millions of children and families already struggling 
to make ends meet. 'Two-thirds of families affected – over six million – 

have children. As a result of today’s move, life will be harder for families from 

all walks of life, including 300,000 nurses and midwives, 150,000 primary 

school teachers and 40,000 members of the armed forces. 'Families already 

struggling to provide their children with food or a winter coat, or heat 

their homes are being pushed closer to the brink. 'Child poverty blights lives 

and is a scar on our society. Today’s ’hardship penalty’ punishes 

working families on low-incomes as well as those looking for work, 
paving the way to a rise in child poverty.

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