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Monday, 28 January 2013

#OnlyAsiansWill - My Mother

The hash tag #OnlyAsiansWill is currently trending on Twitter and it is giving me loads of laughs. I identify with much that is being said. My mother is Indian and, sometimes, living in the gap of a culture clash between British culture and Indian culture makes my life interesting, varied and humorous.

Here are some of the Tweets I identify with:

1. #OnlyAsiansWill fill empty ice-cream tubs with curry. I just counted and we have three huge empty ice-cream tubs in the cupboard waiting to be filled.

2. #OnlyAsiansWill drive the whole family to the airport to either pick up or drop one family member off. Airport days in my family are the sort of days which loom large on the calendar. On that day everything centres around going to the airport. We have been known to fill the car to the brim to drop off a family member who was flying to Scotland. Yes!

3. #OnlyAsiansWill lecture their children for an hour but not ground them. I have never been grounded but I have been lectured many times. The answer is always, 'Yes, Mum'.

4. #OnlyAsiansWill save carrier bags and use them in bins as lining. We have Sainsbury's bags lying around everywhere and I occasionally dream in Orange.

5. #OnlyAsiansWill collapse in a heap and eat a plate of curry as consolation when you show them pictures that your English friends have put of themselves on Facebook and Instagram (short dresses and skirts, drinking alcohol).

#OnlyAsiansWill have oversized suitcases when they travel filled to the brim with presents for relatives. Once our oursized suitcase broke and we had to buy another which also broke.

Enjoy these jokes.



  1. My very-much non-Asian family do #1 and #4. Especially #4. Isn't it a nightmare having the damn things everywhere?

  2. What colour do you dream in? It is a nightmare.


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