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Friday, 28 December 2012

Vigil For Delhi Gang Rape Victim

On Saturday the 29th December at 5.30pm I will be holding a vigil for the Delhi gang rape victim outside the Indian High Commission in Central London.

The reason I am doing this is first and foremost to remember a poor young woman who spent a Saturday evening watching a movie with a friend, caught a bus home and then was gang raped on the bus. She died in the last few hours. As far as I know her identity has not been released. I don't know her name. But I don't need to know her name because the violence she suffered is a severe and evil violation of every woman's right to personal security. Rape has become so common place all over the world. Small girls and boys and grown men and women are raped everyday. This needs to stop. RAPE CANNOT BE NORMALISED.

Please join me if you can and bring candles and a belief in women's rights.


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