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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Condolences to Newtown from a British Child

Child victims of the Newton shootings 
Sometimes something so big happens that it does not matter whether you know the people involved or not, nor whether you have any connection with the area it happened in. I have never been to America. I had never heard of Newtown. My closest involvement with Connecticut was over the recent Presidential election but it was with absolute sadness that I watched BBC News 24 as the news came in about the deaths of children. The picture that affected me the most was a picture doing the rounds on Twitter of a mother receiving a phone call about the shooting and you could see she was screaming. The visual picture of pain showed the raw shock and horror of a mass killing. People expect schools to be a safe place to send children to. It wasn't in this case. Their expectations were betrayed by a man with a gun. The teachers did their best to protect the children and some died while doing this. I don't know how the parents and families of those who died are going to cope. I offer my deepest condolences to Newtown and pray for their strength to cope with all the funerals to come. I am sorry Newtown that this has happened to you and that you face such sorrow. I mourn greatly for these children and will be thinking about them through the whole of Christmas. 

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