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Monday, 5 November 2012

IF Romney wins will the 47% please leave the lights on when they leave America

Those who voted for Romney will need the lights on to search for the American dream that he is promising. 
Romney is selling a outdated American dream of nostalgia. I was watching Romney on TV give his speech at Des Moines, Iowa and he spoke about making America great again. 

Firstly, I DO think that America is a great country but I do think that the American dream of making millions out of cents is a thing of the past. The reason that I think this is because there is a capitalist system that exists in the world which restricts the poor and favours the rich. Therefore those with cents will still have cents and those with millions will still have millions. We see it here in Britain where nostalgia is used to sell dreams but the reality is that anybody who is below the 1% is struggling. 

Also, for any dream to become a reality it must exist in a perfect world untouched by difficulties and hardships. America, like Britain, isn't an imperial state any more. There are the emerging economies like China and Brazil, even Indonesia. To sell a dream of jobs and more money means that Romney is promising that America will always win in the globalisation war. In reality, the people who will benefit from Romney's promises will be big corporations, well off individuals and the multi-millionaires who have funded him and expect alot in return. 

I wish America all the very best. I am an Obama supporter myself. The majority of Brits would vote for Obama if we could. This should interest Americans because there is a TEA PARTY economy going on here and it isn't much fun. 

P.S Remember to leave the light on. 


  1. I totally agree- he won't win, and if he does America may go down quite a lot. Obama will win- he has done well for the country and will continue too, I think.

  2. Hey Charli,
    Thank goodness Obama won! I hope that he does do
    well for America. ;)

  3. Hi Maelo! I'm so impressed by your blog and all that you are doing to educate others and make your voice heard. I host a site for teens in the U.S. and I would love to interview you via email. I think you are such an inspiration. You can check out the site: or email me at
    Thanks so much! - Nicole


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