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Monday, 19 November 2012

How Many more Children will die in Gaza?

aptopix_mideast_israel_palestiniansWhen I was younger and I went out to play I would look around me or down at the ground, the children of Gaza look up at the sky constantly whilst they play. What do you think they are looking for? Missiles and rockets. The count so far is 24 child deaths in Gaza. One was an 11 month old baby, he was the son of a BBC picture editor in Gaza.

Will the deaths of these children bring the solution that Israel wants? Israel is carrying out the attacks under an act of 'self defence' it claims. If somebody tried to attack me with a spoon and I retaliated with a hammer would that be self defence and a proportional response? Israel has an air force, an army, submarines, highly sophisticated secret service and nuclear weapons. Gaza does not have any thing that matches this. How is a peaceful solution ever to be found? 

The slaughter of innocent children is NOT a price to be paid for ineffective Governments, an ineffective UN
and an ineffective Western world that constantly supports Israel with large amounts of money and looks the other way from the injustice being suffered by the Gazan children.

To gauge the depth of hatred for the Gaza please read this shocking article. 

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