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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Tents going up in Trafalgar Square

Are we seeing a revolution take place in the UK? As I write this tents are being put up in Trafalgar Square. At this rate London will become a campsite for people who really care about their cause. Fighting for the justice of inequality is the modern day battle. The press keep referring to how the Occupy movement is a leaderless revolution as if nothing of significance can happen without a leader. This misses the point that a collective voice, especially a global one, can act as a leader in itself. This could be the 21st century model of leadership in democratic societies.
I am ill at home otherwise I would be heading off to Trafalgar Square after school. I was at Occupy St Paul's recently and spoke about how the Chinese government bulldozed squatter homes when they hosted the Olympics to make the place look nice. This isn't the model of democracy that we want in the UK. Let debate in the UK be confined to causes and not aesthetics.

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