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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Buffoon Face of the Tories Belongs To Boris

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has called the protestors at London Occupy St.Paul's 'hemp-smoking hippies...crusties' and he said that the demonstration was 'baffling protests against capitalism that have not led to a single resignation of a banker, but of three clerics'.

Some of you reading this will agree with Boris and that's fine. I am angry with him because as Mayor of London he has no mandate to be so downright dicriminatory against a group of people who have a lot of support and whose cause is widely recognised.

Message to Boris -Why are there so many people preparing to go on strike tomorrow, Boris? The Bankers, you ridiculous man. Of course, no banker has resigned. Nothing has been done by you to make them resign. The Occupy people and those who support it live in false hope that someone like you who has the power will listen and do something. But 'do nothing' is your option apart from to use insulting adjectives to raise laughs. Contact me and I will show you around Occupy St.Paul's so you can learn about the struggles of many.

To make matters worse Boris made these comments at a masked ball for bankers at the Royal Courts of Justice. It makes me very, very angry. Boris was hobnobbing with those people whose actions have caused so much misery and then letting the 99% down by making fun. No sensitiveness to the disabled, vulnerable and poor who are downright worried about their financial sitution.

The last word on the new culture in the UK of treating the vulnerable as pariahs must go to the City of London Corporation who said that the tents have to go because the 'camp is attracting vulnerable people'.

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