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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Piers Morgan flying Brit Flag in North America

I am in Toronto, Canada attending a conference (more on that another time) and have been fascinated by the British news and personalities making the headlines here.
The first of the pick has to be Piers Morgan who showed a fantastic British disregard for authority by trying to make Hermain Cain feel foolish for saying that Gay people choose to be gay. Piers did his interview the day after the Republican presidential candidate debate, which I watched. Herman is in the running but Piers wasn't letting Herman get away with homophobic views.
Simon Cowell is on billboards everywhere too. Should we be embarrassed that an export consisting of people who all think they can sing and dance their way to a fortune overnight is the big Brit thing?
Dulwich Gallery received a four column article in the 'Globe and Mail' (main newspaper here) for hosting an exhibition on Canadian art. Golly, I have never been to the Gallery and i have friends in the area whom I visit!Liam Fox got a big mention in an article titled 'Minister quits in best man scandal'.
Lastly, Alistair Campbell, Yes, Alistair because he used a rude work when he tweeted about the Blackberry breakdown. I can't tell you what the word is because I am a child so you will have to look at his tweets.

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