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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I was at Occupy Toronto

I was at 'Occupy Toronto' last Wednesday (19 October) and spent 3 hours filming, walking around and talking to the protestors. What you will see in these videos is my view about the 'Occupy' movement and a general look around the park where they are camped.
It is all too easy to dismiss and criticise these people and to walk by them with your self-righteous nose up in the air. These people are intelligent with points to make. Stop and listen to them. At least they are making a stand. What else are the rest who are affected by the banking fiasco doing? We hear people complain everyday about how bankers put us in debt but we put up. The 'Occupy' movement is about helping make everyone's lot better.
The movement has been criticised for not having a point to make. They do. It is the '99%' message. Global inequality is huge. The 1% are getting richer and the 99% are getting poorer. The 99% are getting further into debt through borrowing and credit card use. The Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, said, the movement was due to the increase in inequality and that the less well educated have been hit the hardest.
What I saw in Toronto was a desire for social mobility. Some people I spoke to just didn't have the opportunities to do so. They were either jobless or homeless. I think the world needs to start paying a lot more attention to the 'Occupy' movement. This is a revolution of a global movement without a human leader. Their leader is a cause. This is a leaderless revolution. It is BIG.
I watched Ezra Levant on the Sun news channel mock these people in Toronto. I disagree. Ezra, you are wrong. They may not read books from the library and they may not be as well read as you but they have a passion and a point.
If you are a part of 'Occupy Toronto' please bring this blog post to the media tent's attention because I promised them that I would write about my experience.
Go Occupy Toronto, Go.


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