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Monday, 3 May 2010

Security guard trick

Today I went to see Nick Clegg speak in Blackheath. When the battle bus arrived everyone was crowding around but Nick Clegg did not step out of it. Instead, he walked from around the corner. Then after Nick had made his speech a security guard said that Nick was getting into the Jaguar so everyone crowded around it but instead he got on the battle bus! I don't blame the guards for doing this because actually I pesonally, as one person, had caused alot of trouble already by stepping on people's toes when they covered my path to Nick. Even then I never quite reached him. So if i did this,as the small innocent child I am,think how much trouble everyone else would be causing.


  1. Nick stands as an example to many..he wanted to provide how a security guard should be..thanks for father too is a Security guard!!

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  2. Security guards are very valuable to society whether people realise it or not! Thankyou for leaving a comment.


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