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Sunday, 9 May 2010

King maker - but with whom?

When the exit polls came out on Thursday night it looked like it was all over for the Liberals and the predictions of Nick Clegg being the Kingmaker hadn't made a Nostradamus of the media.
My local candidates and the volunteers were around at my house for an election night party. As soon as the exit poll was announced the mood fell. I was shocked by the result and felt worried about our candidates' propspects. As it turned out we were slaughtered.
However, Nick Clegg has turned out to be the kingmaker. Anyone who guessed that was exactly right. He can chose who is in power with him. Before, he had some talks with Cameron but now he has started to talk to Brown as well. Nick and Gordon don't neccesarily get along but people think that the Tories and the Liberals are the biggest clash of parties (or Titans!). So either way there is a dilemma. Nick Clegg really has a huge problem!
The question is how have the Tories changed since Thatcher? Will Cameron implement the politics of the state stepping in where the market fails?

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